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Ms. International Beauty™ 2020 Crown Goes to
Sydnee Michaels from California

A Professional Golfer with the LPGA Begins Her Journey as
Ms. International Beauty™ 2020

Laguna Beach, CA – Sydnee Michaels was crowned Ms. International Beauty™ 2020 at the National Pageant held Saturday, September 15, 2020 in Laguna Beach, California.

The Ms. International Beauty™  Pageant is for women 26 years of age and up who are single, divorced, married, widowed, with or without children. The pageant is based on four areas of competition: Evening Gown, Interview, Photoshoot and On-Stage Question that are each worth 25% of their total score. 

The six finalists chosen to compete for the inaugural title were Kimberly Lattimore, Dawn Digrius Smith, Hailey Hua, Sandra Melendez, Terri McDonald, and Sydnee Michaels. Kimberly Lattimore received the Community Service Award for her outstanding volunteer service and Sydnee Michaels was crowned Ms. International Beauty™  2020.

As the inaugural Ms. International Beauty™  2020, Sydnee Michaels starts her journey that will take her from spotlight to spotlight on behalf of an organization that enriches the lives of women across the country, who are passionate about giving back to others through volunteer service and being the inspiration that helps others achieve their dreams. Sydnee was an All-American while at UCLA and a LPGA Tour golfer since 2011. Her mission is to encourage and inspire others to overcome adversity and find their true path.

After suffering a career-ending back injury, she underwent surgery a year ago and had a hard time adjusting to her new reality. Since then, she has been inspired with new purpose and hope and it is her personal mission to inspire others to Keep the Faith - no matter what they go through! As a professional athlete, she had dedicated her entire life to excellence and her role as Ms. International Beauty™  2020 would be no different.

Through her foundation, her goal is to support and empower girls in sports, and women as a whole, through sharing her personal perseverance story and the foundations fundraising efforts. Her clothing brand, ISLA Sport, is a high-quality performance wear clothing brand, celebrating and highlighting the beauty and strength of women. As Ms. International Beauty™  2020 she would like to use her title to further her work of inspiring and empowering others to reach for the stars.

Special Award:
Community Service Award: Kimberly Lattimore

Sponsors for the pageant were Daniel Pham Photography and New Beginnings Cosmetics.

USA International® 2020 Crowned!
Samantha Reynoso Begins her Journey
Laguna Beach, CA – USA International® 2020 was crowned at the National Pageant held Saturday, September 5, 2020 in Laguna Beach, California.

The pageant was based on four areas of competition: Evening Gown, Interview, Photoshoot and On-Stage Question that are each worth 25% of their total score. 
The four-finalist chosen to compete for USA International 2020 title were Katlynne Grace, Treena Nguyen, Samantha Reynoso and Lana Tran. Katlynne Grace received the Community Service Award for her outstanding volunteer service and Samantha Reynoso was crowned USA International ® 2020.
As the newly crowned USA International® 2020, Samantha Reynoso is 16 years old and an honors student. She is the Co-President of a non-profit club Dresses for Hope and is a leader in her community. Her goal is to become a speech pathologist after she graduates from a 4-year university. Samantha hope is to help children in her community who suffer from Speech impediments.  

Sponsors for the pageant were Daniel Pham Photography and New Beginnings Cosmetics.

About Ms. International Beauty & USA International Pageants
Ms. International Beauty ™ and USA International® Pageant is owned by Ms. America Pageant Inc. It is a California Corporation that currently owns and runs the Ms. International, Ms. America®, Ms. America® International®, Ms. America® Elite, Miss International Beauty®, Ms. International Beauty™ and USA International®. CEO of the Ms. America® Pageant Inc. is Susan Jeske from Orange County, CA. Susan’s background includes over 30 years in the beauty industry and was crowned Ms. America® 1997 at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas besting 50 other contestants. Her platform was “Students Against Violence” and she made over 150 presentations to schools across the country. Ms. America®, USA International®, Miss International Beauty® and Ms. International Beauty™ are registered federal trademarks with the USPTO in Washington DC. For more information go to:


® 2019

Janice Jimenez representing Miss Teen Washington Latino USA was crowned Miss International Beauty 2019 on March 4, 2019 at the International Lions Club in Mazatlan, Mexico. The pageant had a double crowning this year where first place winner Es Yulssa Sanchez representing Fraternidad Sinaloense De California 2019 was crowned Reina International Del Pacifico 2019.
11 Ambassadors from Mexico, USA and some other countries of Latin America competed in national costume, on-stage introduction and evening gown.

First Princess: Reina del Foklor Mexico 2019 - Stephania Gomez
Second Princess: USA International 2019 - Sarah Garmon
Best National Costume: Fraternidad Sinaloense De CA 2019 - Suhaely Sanchez
Queen of Friendship: Reina Mexico del Pacifico 2019 - Diane Gonzalez

Reina Internacional del Pacifico is a Mazatlán, Mexico international beauty pageant organized by The Municipal Institute for Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlán. From 1990-2019 Esteban Peraza Ramos is the director of the pageant appointed by the Director general at Instituto de Cultura Mazatlan.

Delegates attend official events which serves as a platform for visiting queens to learn about the people, history and culture of Mazatlán. Delegates not only learn by viewing but they also participate in historic events and become part of history themselves.

Ambassador Events - February 20-26, 2020

Thur-Feb 20, 2020
* Masquerade Charity Event - Location, Historic Terraza De Los Pargos
* Coronation of King of Joy - Olas Al Tas on the ocean front

Fri-Feb 21, 2020
* Meeting with the Mayor of Mazatlan
* El Debate Newspaper Interview
* Lunch at Club 30 60 90 
* Coronation of the Floral Games Queen - Teodoro Mariscal Baseball Stadium

Sat-Feb 22, 2020
* Lunch at Panama Restaurant
* Coronation of the Queen of Carnaval - Teodoro Mariscal Baseball Stadium
* Naval Battle Fireworks Display Show

Sun-Feb 23, 2020
* Lunch at the historic Teatro Angela Peralta with Carnaval Queens
INAUGURAL PARADE where Ambassador Queens wear their National Costume.

Mon-Feb 24, 2020
* Rehearsal for Reina Del Pacifico
* Dinner at Panama Restaurant
* Reina Del Pacifico Pageant & Miss International Beauty competition and crowning at the Lions Club of Mazatlan
* Competition is based on National Costume, On-Stage Introduction and Evening Gown.

Tue-Feb 25, 2020
* Lunch at Hotel Playa Mazatlan - Meet the Minister of Tourism and Culture.
* Directors are presented with thank you gifts. 
* SECOND PARADE where Ambassadors are wearing a evening gown.
* Dinner - Panama Restaurant in historic downtown Mazatlan.
* Ambassadors receive awards from organizers.

Wed-Feb 26, 2020
Farewell and fly home

The Coral Cultural Newspaper states that this year 24 Ambassador queens will be traveling to Mexico to participate in many of the Carnival activities. They will then compete in a pageant where two winner will be crowned. Reina International Del Pacifico 2019  will be the first place position and the second place winner will be crowned Miss International Beauty 2019. Louise Madlin was the owner of the Miss International Beauty and USA International. She passed away in 2018. Miss International Beauty 2019 will be crowned in her honor.

® 2018


® 2018 - Hailee Ann Kurtz

Miss International Beauty® 2018 and USA International® 2018 Crowned!

Newport Beach, California – September 5, 2018 – Miss International Beauty® 2018 and USA International® 2018 was crowned at the national pageant held Saturday, September 1, 2018 at Campus Jax in Newport Beach, California. Each titleholder received a $200.00 cash scholarship, crown, sash, trophy, and a crystal necklace. All contestants received a beautiful crown key chain, crystal bracelet and a skin care set from New Beginnings.

Contestants competed in 3 categories which included interview, evening gown and on-stage question. Miss International Beauty® 2018 – Jacqueline Dang and USA International® 2018 – Hailee Ann Kurtz walked across the stage to accept their crowns which marked their first steps on a journey representing women 18 – 30 years of age who are single, classy, confident and elegant.

Miss International Beauty® 2018 - Jacqueline Dang is a student at California State Long Beach University and is on the Dean’s List with a 3.8 GPA. She loves to travel, work out and is a freelance model. Her life ambition is to become a famous actress so that she can do more charity work and help others.

USA International® 2018 – Hailee Ann Kurtz is a student at Fullerton College and is majoring in business. Her life ambition is to own and operate her own Senior Assisted Living facility and Senior Care business. Her awards include: Senior Care Award: 2018 Outstanding Caregiver of the Year Nominee, and Compassionate Caregiver for the month of November 2017.

First runner-up was Lubna Kabir, second runner-up was Maribel Lopez, third runner-up was Lauren Mangiapane, and fourth runner-up was MaKena Duda.

2018 Special Award Winners:
Elegance Award – Nicole Day
International Spirit – MaKena Duda
Woman of Distinction – Maribel Lopez
Daniel Pham Photogenic Award – Jacqueline Dang
Louise Madlin Community Service Award – Lubna Kabir and Gabrielle Alexander

The Ms. America® Pageant is a California corporation that currently runs the Miss International Beauty®, USA International®, Ms. America®, Ms. International™, Ms. America® International and Miss Pacific U.S.™ contests. Based in Costa Mesa, California, the Corporation is owned by Susan Jeske who is the CEO. Miss International Beauty® and USA International® are a registered federal trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington DC.
* Miss International Beauty® – Registration Number: 4304783
* USA International® – Registration Number: 4304784